“Wish you were here”

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original artwork on canvas, small acrylic painting

small acrylic painting on canvas

This modern artwork shows a scene somewhere in the south: the arches, the tiles and plants, the sea and the small islands in the background. It could be a wonderful moment, but because someone special is missing, it's not perfect. This greek painting is about the longing for a special someone, about wanting to share a certain moment with a beloved person, to talk about thoughts and feelings. Even when this person is not physically there, you can send him or her your love, think of them and keep them close to your heart. 

PS: This little artwork is also a beautiful gift for a special someone to show your love and care.


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the size of the canvas is 20 x 20 cm (7,9 x 7,9 inch)
the depth is 1,5 cm (0,6 inch)


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  • original unique painting on canvas
  • made with high quality acrylic paint
  • it has a semi-mat varnish
  • it's signed on the backside
  • it's not framed
  • it's ready to hang on the wall


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Do you know this feeling of wanting to share a special moment with a specific person? But this person is far away, in another world or even in another dimension? "Wish you were here" is about the sweet longing for someone in a beautiful moment. It's about the wish to share our thoughts and feelings with this someone. But all we can do, is just send love to this person because he or she is physically not there right now.