"Blue bliss"

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modern painting on canvas, unique artwork

modern still life painting

 "Blue Bliss" is a modern artwork painted with high-quality acrylics, showcasing a modern still life scene. The background, crafted with multiple layers, bathes the canvas in various shades of blue. The predominant color palette evokes a sense of tranquility and echoes the essence of a Mediterranean summer. The centerpiece of the composition is a plate adorned with vibrant oranges and lemons. "Blue Bliss" not only captivates the eye with its vivid colors and harmonious composition but also invites one to dream of the warmth and joy of the summer season. 


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the canvas is 40 x 30 cm (15,7 x 11,8 inch)
the depth is 1,5 cm (0,6 inch)


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  • original unique painting on canvas
  • made with high quality acrylic paint
  • signed on the backside
  • it has a mat varnish
  • not framed
  • ready to hang on the wall


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"Blue Bliss" is a personal journey into the idyllic and carefree essence of summer in a Mediterranean setting. I worked with multiple layers to enhance the depth of the scene, capturing the radiant blue of the sky and sea. The arrangement of oranges and lemons on the plate reflects, for me, the simple beauty of a place where stress and hustle are nonexistent—only bliss and peace prevail. It's my personal ode to the relaxed moments promised by summer in a Mediterranean locale, and I hope this artwork invites viewers to immerse themselves in this world of serenity.