"Not only black and white"

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abstract acrylic painting on canvas, original artwork

abstract modern painting

modern artwork with black, white and light blue colors, a greek vase and squared pattern


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the canvas is 50 x 50 cm (19,7 x 19,7 inch)
the sides are 3,8 cm (1,5 inch)


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  • original unique painting on canvas
  • made with high quality acrylic paint
  • it has a glossy varnish
  • it's signed on the backside
  • it's not framed
  • it's ready to hang by the two hooks on the backside


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The modern artwork "Not only black and white" shows that there is not only black and white in this world. The mind always wants to put the labels 'good' and 'bad' on things. But in fact, there are so many shades in between. And sometimes things appear in the beginning different than they really are. Something we are scared of, can be in the end our biggest blessing.