"Moments of life"

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unique artwork, acrylic painting on canvas

Greek artwork on canvas

The acrylic painting on canvas captures the essence of Greece in a mesmerizing display of blue and white hues, reminiscent of the country's iconic color palette. Each distinct field within the artwork represents fragments of special moments woven together, creating a visual tapestry akin to a puzzle. The piece mirrors the intricate nature of life, where our personal journey is composed of individual pieces and unique moments. Much like assembling a puzzle, the painting invites viewers to piece together their own experiences, connecting the fragments to unveil a rich and meaningful tapestry that reflects the beauty and complexity of life's mosaic. The artist's choice of colors and composition evokes a sense of nostalgia and celebration of the diverse and unforgettable moments intertwined with the vibrant spirit of Greece.


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the canvas is 50 x 40 cm (19,7 x 15,7 inch)
the depth is 1,5 cm (0,6 inch)


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  • original unique painting on canvas
  • canvas is covered with high quality fabric
  • made with high quality acrylic paint 
  • it's signed on the backside
  • it has a mat varnish
  • it's not framed
  • it's ready to hang 
  • it will be sent to you in a secure packaging


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The artwork in blue and white serves as a visual homage to the cherished experiences I have encountered in Greece. In a world where moments often seem fleeting, this painting becomes a timeless repository, capturing those significant memories. It becomes a vessel that allows me to revisit those fleeting moments, frozen in time on the canvas. The choice of the Greek color palette not only pays tribute to the geographical origin of these memories but also adds a layer of emotional resonance to the piece. Through the strokes of acrylic, the transitory nature of moments transforms into a lasting narrative, providing a perpetual source of reflection and connection to the profound encounters that have shaped my experiences in Greece.