"To the moon and back"

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acrylic painting on canvas, original artwork

abstract greek painting

"To the Moon and Back" is a modern artwork that evokes the essence of Greece, filled with delightful patterns and colors. The dominant shades of blue, white, and soft pink paint a picture reminiscent of the picturesque landscapes. The starry night sky is the centerpiece of the artwork, with the moon shining brightly among the twinkling stars. It transports you to a serene and magical night in Greece. The checkered design adds a touch of contemporary style to the traditional Greek theme, bridging the past with the present.


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the canvas is 80 x 60 cm (31,5 x 23,6 inch)
the depth is 1,5 cm (0,6 inch)


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  • original unique painting on canvas
  • made with high quality acrylic paint
  • it's signed on the backside
  • it has a not glossy varnish
  • it's not framed
  • it's ready to hang by two hooks


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This painting is dedicated to my love: Greece. It reminds me of the calm nights there, the sky full of stars, the moon rising behind the hill, and the lights of Athens flickering from far away. No sounds, no wind, just a peaceful greek night.